Course Selection for 2022-23

Key dates & starting links

  • Saturday, 9 April - course selection advertised to students and faculty

  • Thursday, 14 April - advisors can begin entering course selections into Veracross

  • Thursday, 28 April - course selection entry concludes in Veracross

  • Thursday, 12 May - course review by Academic Office and College Office concludes

  • Thursday, 19 May - deadline for advisors to review and confirm course selections

Advice for students

    • Start with your grade level guide, above.

    • Meet individually with your advisor. Make time to discuss your options and consider reviewing your plan of study (Google Doc template).

    • Speak to your teachers when you have placement questions.

    • Review the course offerings on the Course Catalog (link to school website), especially course prerequisites.

Advice for advisors

    • Start with advisee's grade level guide, above.

    • Meet individually your advisee to understand their goals and the options in front of them. Course selection is best done in the context of longer-term goals. It may be helpful to make a plan of study (Google Doc template) with your advisees.

    • Be attunded to diploma requirements and—if the student intends to compete competitively in athletics at the college level—NCAA eligibility requirements.

    • Communicate with parents frequently and clearly about course selection. These are important decisions that they will want to be informed about.

    • Let others know how they can help! Reach out to College Office, Academic Office, and Heads of Department with questions.