Course Selection for Rising Upper Mids

Course load

  • Rising upper mids typically enroll in five courses, which is a full load. The following circumstances may allow for up to one additional course for upper mids:

    • Completion of the classics diploma.

    • Registration in classes that may, in some cases, be given less than the full weight by colleges that they deserve. These include:

      • Any course offered by the Visual & Performing Arts Department.

      • Any computer science course.

      • Other courses identified in collaboration with the College Office.

  • Note, that under no circumstances may students enroll in more than six courses, and learning opportunities on campus are not limited to what appears on a transcript.

  • An overview of the course numbering system can be found here.

Pay Close Attention to Diploma Requirements

  • Be mindful of diploma requirements. After the lower mid year, it is especially helpful to make and periodically revise your plan of study (Google Doc template).

  • Students who entered as preps generally have completed graduation requirements in Humanities & Social Sciences, Science, and Visual & Performing Arts. Depending on your entry level, you may have also fulfilled the Classical & Modern Languages requirement.

  • Students who entered as lower mids must take an additional year in Humanities & Social Sciences. That course need not be another course in U.S. history.

Guide by Discipline


  • All upper mids are enrolled in EN350Y Upper Mid English.


  • Which level? Your Languages teacher will inform you if you are being recommended for a level other than your current trajectory (i.e. if you are in CN250Y and they are recommending you for CN380Y, they would let you know; if they are recommending you for CN350Y they will not). If you have any questions about your placement, please reach out to your current Languages teacher.

  • Diploma requirement. Students who enter Hotchkiss in their prep or lower mid years are required to complete study in Languages through the 300 level to be eligible for a diploma. More information about languages course selection.


  • Which level? Your Math teacher will inform you if you are being recommended for a level other than your current trajectory. If you have any questions about your placement, please reach out to your current Math teacher.

  • Diploma requirement. Successful completion of any 300-level math course satisfies the graduation requirement, but students should still continue taking math as almost all colleges expect students to have 4 years of math. Your advisor should consult with the College Office if you have any questions about the details about how math fits into the college application process. More information about math course selection.


  • More choices. In your upper mid year, your science options open up significantly; pay attention to prerequisites as you plan your next years of science.

  • If you are considering an honors course, please consult with your current science teacher and pay close attention to course prerequisites. More information about science course selection.

Course flexibility

Upper mids may add a course in computer science or from the Arts Department as a sixth course.

If you hope to pursue the classics diploma, please consult with Classics Program Coordinator, Mr. Doug Kneeland <>. Note that after the first year, all students take Greek as an honors course.

In all other cases, additional courses in English, H&SS, Languages, Math, Science, must be offset by dropping a course, usually in the upper mid year from Science or H&SS. If you are considering attempting an alternative course structure it is essential that you complete a four-year course plan (Google Doc) with your advisor.