Course Selection for Classical & Modern Languages

Diploma requirement and electives

  • Check the diploma requirements by year of entry.

  • Please note that students can add a second language in their lower mid year, but must adjust their schedule—usually by deferring science.


  • Generally speaking, X50 courses prepare students to continue on level the following year and courses numbered in X60/70/80/90 aim to prepare students for honors courses in the third year and after.

  • Your Languages teacher will inform you if you are being recommended for a level other than your current trajectory (i.e. if you are in CN150Y and they are recommending you for CN270Y, they would let you know; if they are recommending you for CN250Y they will not). If you have any questions about your placement, please reach out to your current Languages teacher.

  • Sign-ups will be checked against these recommendations, and any students who were registered for a course other than the one recommended will be switched.

  • June academic comments will confirm each student’s appropriate enrollment for the 2021-22 year.

Summer study

  • Any student wishing to apply to take an honors course will be invited to fill out a google form requesting the student’s reflection on their performance in the spring term and information about plans to do independent or immersion/course work over the summer. The form must be completed by 1 June 2022.

  • The program coordinator and Ms. Levithan, the head of the Languages Department, will review the requests/proposals and either approve or require more information.

  • Approval will qualify the student to take an alternative placement exam in the end of August. The results of that exam will determine whether the request to enroll in the honors course will be granted.