Course Selection for Science

Click on a link below for detailed information on each course. You will find course descriptions, prerequisites, topics covered, types of assessment, and what each course will prepare you to take next. Be sure to check prerequisites carefully.

Preps and lower mids


PY150Y Physics

PY170 Intensive Physics (link coming soon)

Lower Mids

BI350Y Biology

CH350Y Chemistry

CH380Y Honors Chemistry

Upper mids and seniors


BI380Y Honors Biology 

BI450F Infection & Immunity 

BI451Y Human Anatomy & Physiology 

BI452S Neuroanatomy & Human Behavior (one-semester course)

BI490Y Honors Molecular Genetics Research: Drosophila melanogaster


CH481F/S Honors Organic Chemistry (one-semester course)

CH482F/S Honors Inorganic Chemistry (one-semester course)


(links coming soon)

EG350Y Principles of Design Thinking  

EG451F Disciplines in Engineering

EG453F Engineering: Simulation and Analysis

EG452S Engineering: Manufacturing Operations and Systems Engineering

EG483S Honors Engineering: Design and Application

Environmental Science

ES450Y Climate and Global Change

ES481F Honors Limnology

ES482S Honors Stream Ecology

ES483F Honors Forest Ecology

ES454P Agroecology (Summer Intensive)

ES485S Honors Conservation Biology


(links coming soon)

PY380Y Honors Physics

PY420F Astronomy

PY481F Honors Further Topics in Physics: Fluids and Thermodynamics

PY482S Honors Further Topics in Physics: Waves and Electromagnetism

PY485F Honors Further Topics in Physics - Relativity

PY486S Honors Further Topics in Physics -- Quantum Mechanics

PY490S Honors Applied Scientific Research: Observational Astronomy

PY491F Honors Calculus-based Physics: Mechanics

PY492S Honors Calculus-based Physics: Electricity & Magnetism

General Science

SC420F Introduction to Forensic Science (semester elective)

SC421S Hacking the Universe with the Arduino Microcontroller (not offered 2023-24)