Independent Study

Independent Study Course (ISC)

An Independent Study Course (ISC) is an optional course of study for upper mids or seniors who have exhausted the published curriculum within an academic department. Permission from the head of department and dean of academic life is required. The student guidelines for an ISC are:

  • Students must have completed all of the relevant curriculum within the discipline.

  • Students must show through previous academic work that they are highly qualified and prepared to work independently as part of any proposal to undertake an ISC.

  • The proposal must include:

    • The reason for seeking an ISC

    • A well-developed syllabus and schedule

    • A properly formatted academic bibliography

    • An outline of work to be done during the semester

    • A clear description of how the project will be assessed.

The proposal must be signed by the student, the student’s faculty advisor, the faculty advisor to the project, and the head of the department offering the ISC.

Students must submit a completed proposal using a template available from the Academic Office and including all required signatures by the posted deadline.