Course Selection for Math & Computer Science

Guidelines for course selection in math

Your math teacher will inform you if you are being recommended for a level other than your current trajectory (i.e. if you are in MA350Y and they are recommending you for MA380Y, they would let you know; if they are recommending you for MA350Y they will not). If you have any questions about your placement, please reach out to your current math teacher.

Summer study

If you plan on doing work this summer to advance in the Hotchkiss math curriculum, you must follow particular steps, as emailed by Mr. Maier, Head of the Math and Computer Science Department.  In brief, if you are planning any summer work in math with the goal of placing out of a course or with the goal of moving up to the honors track, you will need to fill out THIS APPLICATION FORM by June 8, 2023.  But first, you should: 

In conjunction with your current math teacher, the math HOD will determine if you are eligible to attempt summer work to advance in the Hotchkiss curriculum.  Please note, it is rare for even a strong math student to be able to learn and process an entire year's worth of material over a few weeks in the summer.    

If you are approved, the math HOD will follow up with you at the beginning of the summer and will share details about the condition exam that you will need to take to place out of a math class.  Your course enrollment for next year will be adjusted to the higher level course only if you show mastery of the material on the condition exam.  Your family will be responsible for finding a suitable proctor and coordinating the condition exam through our academic office toward the end of the summer.

Please make sure to fill in the form linked above even if you have already talked about your plans with your math teacher or with the math department head. If your plans change, you are welcome to resubmit this form.  Please provide as much detail as possible when submitting the form.

Please be in touch with Mr. Maier and Mr. Almeida if you or your parents have any questions. Thank you! 

Math sequence

The flow chart below shows the sequence of math courses at Hotchkiss. One should read this as same color progression is the recommendation of the department up to electives. If one wants to change colors it requires a conversation with teacher and the head of department.

Students in MA120Y or MA150Y who have geometry credit from their previous school will enroll in a 300-level course (MA320Y or MA350Y). If you have questions about whether you have geometry credit, please ask the head of department.